SHEATHE: Xenobiotic substances and heavy metals in the environment – a threat to health, ecosystems and development in Ghana


The project is in accordance with the development policy of Ghana focusing inter alia on supporting sustainable resource management and environmentally sustainable solutions to production. Agriculture and mining are cornerstones of the economy, and also focus areas in the environmental policy along with land devastation, soil degradation, water and air quality deterioration. E-waste burning is an emerging issue. The proposed project is therefore targeting important issues in both development and environmental policies for Ghana and meets the mandate of the National Development Planning Commission of promoting green economy in Ghana.


It is expected that this project will increase awareness about the relationship between ASM activities / practices and risks for health and environment in the involved communities and adjustment of practices where realistic alternatives can be used. In addition, an increase in awareness about the relationship between ASM and WEEE activities / practices and risks for health and environment amongst other stakeholders and more attention to the potential problems in national and local policy development and management will be created. This project will also provide an avenue for long term strengthening of the role of KNUST in giving scientific / evidence based advice and in training of professionals in the field.


The current Strategy for Denmark’s Development Cooperation, June 2012, ‘The Right to a Better Life’, has inclusive and green growth including sustainable management and use of natural resources as the very heart of the strategy. The project will support main activities in Den- mark’s current development cooperation with Ghana, especially the ‘support to selected agricultural value chains’ (private sector), which requires uncontaminated products.


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