A Comprehensive Analysis Hub

Sheathe Lab is a state-of-the-art analytical laboratory that specializes in a wide range of environmental and health-related analyses. The lab is equipped with cutting-edge technology and staffed by a team of dedicated scientists who are experts in their respective fields. Here’s an overview of the key areas of analysis that Sheathe Lab focuses on:


Bioaccessibility Analysis: Sheathe Lab conducts bioaccessibility tests to estimate the bioavailability of metals. These tests use simulated stomach conditions to measure the amount of metal that may be leached from ingested soil or other materials. This is crucial in assessing the potential harm a contaminant may exert on the receptor.


Xenobiotics Analysis: Xenobiotics are compounds of synthetic origin that are present in the environment in micropollutant concentrations and high concentrations. Sheathe Lab uses advanced chromatographic techniques to separate and determine compounds with similar chemical structures present in various environmental matrices.


Potentially Toxic Metals Analysis: The lab is proficient in the analysis of potentially toxic metals in various environmental matrices. Techniques such as atomic absorption spectrometry and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry are employed to determine the concentration of metals at ppm to ppb levels.


Pharmaceutical Residues Analysis: Sheathe Lab uses advanced analytical techniques to detect and quantify pharmaceutical residues in different environmental matrices. This is crucial in assessing the impact of pharmaceuticals on the environment and human health.


Pesticides Analysis: The lab is equipped to analyze various types of pesticides, including:


Organochlorine Pesticides: Sheathe Lab uses gas chromatography with electron capture detectors (ECD) or electrolytic conductivity detectors (ELCD) for the analysis of organochlorine pesticides.


Organophosphorus Pesticides: The lab follows US EPA Method 8141B for the determination of organophosphorus compounds using appropriate extraction techniques from aqueous and solid samples using gas chromatographic separation.


Sheathe Lab is committed to providing accurate, reliable, and timely results. Our rigorous methodologies and high-quality standards ensure that our analyses contribute significantly to our understanding of environmental and health-related issues. Whether it’s assessing the risk of exposure to potentially harmful substances or monitoring the impact of human activities on the environment, Sheathe Lab is at the forefront of analytical science.